Consulting Services

Leyendecker Consulting Services, Inc. provides consulting, strategic and implementation services to investors, attorneys, land developers, property owners, builders and municipalities. Our expertise has guided the development of golf courses, real estate litigation through attorneys, builders in obtaining lot positions within residential developments and other complex real estate issues. Here are some of the areas in which Leyendecker Consulting Services excels:

  • Residential Development
  • Commercial Real Estate Development
  • Property Inspections on Construction Projects
  • Property Condition Inspections
  • Multi-family Management Consulting
  • Single-family Detached Consulting
  • Land Development Consulting

Many of our activities are centered on developing and implementing strategies for clients in the disposition and/or development of their real estate holdings, as well as raising capital for real property transactions in the form of both equity and debt.

In doing so, we’ve established long-term relationships with our clients and colleagues, including developers, investors, brokers, bankers and builders, many of which span 10 to 20 years and include multiple property transactions. Our client list includes some of the world’s largest financial institutions, private and institutional investors, both foreign and domestic.

In addition to performing in-depth financial analysis, we also consult with prominent members of the local real estate community including appraisal companies and market researchers. That interaction gives us a unique perspective of the local market in relation to the location of the property, helping us determine economic and demographic factors that might influence the investment performance. This knowledge is essential in recommending and negotiating terms and conditions while developing strategies that make economic sense.