Our Properties

The Leyendecker Group builds and manages luxury apartment homes, condominiums, town homes and single family homes with standards far above the ordinary and yet, within comparable price ranges.

Our developments are created to give residents a sense of community. They’re places that people, with even the most discriminating tastes, are proud to call home.


Because of our geographical diversification, we can afford to be selective about where our developments are located, selecting markets deemed to be a sound long-term investment. We choose unique sites with special environments such as natural lakes, mature trees, hillsides and scenic views that help provide appealing settings and lasting differentiation for our communities. And, we insist on building in cities with good educational systems including colleges, quality medical facilities and a stable economic base.

All of our developments begin with feasibility studies to evaluate a market’s investment potential. These studies include market, environmental, geo-technical and financial considerations. We then choose sites within these markets that will provide lasting value and long-term success for our developments. Other important criteria includes ease of access, convenience to shopping, employment and appealing terrain. From site acquisition through construction, costs are carefully scrutinized and a strategy is planned to achieve optimum return on investment.


Our team at Leyendecker Group is skilled at handling local zoning and community issues. We employ proactive measures to arrive at mutually satisfying solutions to various issues that may arise. From high-density urban developments to low-density suburban communities, we work with our team of architects and engineers to carefully match the innovative features and amenities of each property with the unique demographic fabric of its sub-market.

We further differentiate our communities with the addition of functional and highly desirable elements such as limited access gates, clubrooms, exercise facilities, car care centers, exquisite swimming pools, curb-site garbage pick-up and other resort-style amenities. We also continually monitor the use of these amenities and features to reassess their value and popularity.


Our interior designers strive to create a unique image for each property, giving our residents an environment of comfort and sophistication. Window treatments, fabrics, furnishing and accessories are carefully selected for the clubhouse and leasing office, as well as the models, to convey just the right atmosphere for that particular property. And we consistently review new combinations of building materials, textures and colors, employing “wow” elements in innovative ways to create striking environments that will endure the test of time.


The Leyendecker Group exercises a quality-control program that ensures each home is absolutely ready for move-in. Combined construction and management teams inspect the properties together to make sure each meets the Leyendecker standards of excellence.


Accurate, timely financial controls and reporting systems are essential to monitoring each property’s performance. So at Leyendecker, we utilize the latest in computerized accounting and reporting systems. We also believe in using a pro-active reporting system designed to predict and analyze problems before they arise. And before any project is initiated, a Performance Plan is generated. It establishes minimum performance guidelines while setting a benchmark for the Leyendecker Group to meet and exceed. These plans ultimately serve to help generate maximum profits to the investment group.


Throughout our history, we’ve strived to remain at the forefront of our industry through our exceptional people and the vast resources our other company entities provide. With our innovative approach to site selection, financing, construction, marketing and management, we help drive technological change and provide the type of luxury home today’s upscale residents desire. Now, more than ever, The Leyendecker Group continues to lead the way in new and innovative approaches in luxury home living.