Leyendecker Management Service’s professionalism, expertise, and “Can Do” attitude have certainly made all the difference in our experience at Washington Square! They have been instrumental in affecting positive changes and turning our community around for improved and enhanced property maintenance and value. They are truly the consummate partner acting as an extension of our HOA Board, looking out for our best interests and going above and beyond the call.

Their approach in everything is comprehensive, timely, and friendly. Leyendecker has been a true asset to our community, and I would, and have, recommended their services to other communities. Add Leyendecker to your valued partner list….you definitely won’t regret it!

President, Washington Square Community Association

Leyendecker Management Services has been a great partner to our Board of Directors.  They came highly recommended to our Association and have consistently given more than 100%.  In fact, they started affecting change at our community before their contract even began!   Their attitude, professionalism and expertise are unmatched.  Not only are they extremely reliable, but they offer suggestions and input that have proven to be very valuable.  Right away, Leyendecker Management Services saved the Association $3,400.00/year in operating expenses through new vendor contracts.  And, they provide concise monthly financial reports that are very thorough.

If you are looking for a management partner, do not hesitate to call Leyendecker Management Services.  You will not be disappointed.

Secretary, Washington Square Community Association

I like your style of management.  Keep up the good work. I think your staff is doing a great job.  Especially the way you all handled the owners, the cost savings on the electric and telephone contracts, and the way you stepped up to the plate and did what I considered to be a very difficult task.  You all showed real class and professionalism.  Please tell your staff that I really appreciate the effort.  I feel a lot of comfort that we (the Board) made the right decision to hire your company, and that I can sleep at night knowing our community is in good hands.

President, Baywind Condominium Association

I have lived at Ballpark III for (3) years.  I was elected to the BP III Board of Directors and served as Secretary/Treasurer. I was also instrumental in procuring Leyendecker Management Services to manage BP III, which has been the best thing the community has done in the last (3) years.

Secretary/Treasurer, Ballpark III Community Association

Leyendecker Management Service’s experience, dedication and professionalism have made them the ideal management firm for University Trace Condominium Association.

LMS was responsible for many positive changes at our community, including improved and enhanced property maintenance and value. LMS managed our property through major hurricane repairs, and went above and beyond in handling contractors and working with the Board of Directors to ensure that quality work was performed. They worked tirelessly in greatly reducing our maintenance fee delinquencies and, therefore, increased our cash flow. They also negotiated our monthly contracts and saved our community additional monies.

The staff at LMS is friendly, patient and truly committed to their clients’ needs.  LMS has been such a positive addition to our community.  If you’re looking to improve your property, and looking for a partner to work alongside the Board of Directors to achieve the best for their community, then call LMS.

President, University Trace Condominium Association

Our community hired LMS in December 2007.

As a new community, we were plagued with numerous problems, many of which were ignored by our former management company.  Stacy and her staff had to quickly familiarize themselves with our community and, at the same time, deal with some trying issues with homeowners. While the first year was difficult, LMS always maintained a professional and positive outlook.  With their experience and guidance, we are now building a stronger community.

LMS is a company you want working for your HOA.

President, Memorial Park Village I Community Association

I would like to say what a pleasure it has been working with Stacy and her staff at Leyendecker Management Services.   Without their knowledge and guidance, our community wouldn’t be where it is today.

Under their tutelage, I’m proud of what our community has been able to accomplish.  We went from having special assessments each year (as with the previous management company) to actually growing a Reserve Fund to cover any unforeseen repairs and/or improvements.

President, Ballpark III Community Association

I’ve served as President of the Memorial Cove Lofts Homeowners Association which is a high-rise property.  Managing a high-rise requires a considerable amount of time and attention to detail.  Leyendecker Management Services has been managing the Association since 2010.  We were previously managed by a large management firm and did not receive the care and attention that we needed.  When Stacy assumed management of our property, there was significant improvement.  As the owner of LMS, she is personally involved in all aspects of managing the Association and that gave the Board a level of comfort that we had not previously experienced.  Without a doubt, I am confident that any Association managed by LMS will be completely satisfied and will enjoy a long-term relationship with Stacy and her team.

President, Memorial Cove Lofts Homeowners Association

As a Board member, I would like to thank you all for the help in getting our community on the right track.  It has been great to work with you, and you made my job easy.

President, Memorial Lofts Homeowners Association

I am so grateful that LMS was hired by College Place. I know it hasn’t been easy, but you have done more and accomplished more than I bragged to others you would when courting management companies. We, as a board, couldn’t be happier…..especially me.

Secretary, College Place Property Owners Association

So refreshing to have a management company that STAYS on top of issues, can multitask AND communicates without being prompted.  I feel spoiled….

President, College Place Property Owners Association